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Japan is a country known for innovations in almost every field including electronics, telecommunication, engineering, automotive, etc. The basic fundamental of all the successful Japanese companies such as Toyota, Honda, and Sony, etc. is “Remove […]
Dear people, we as human beings have changed a lot in the past 20 years. Due to advances in the technological field, most of the members of the existing generation have started using mobile phones […]
Visual management is one of the essential elements of our work and home lives. Some of us may not notice it but we make use of visual management in our day to day life. Visual […]
We are always surrounded by Visual management tools but they are so common, we might not even think about them. Most common example is when a  car is about to run out of fuel, a […]
Visual management is trending in manufacturing and logistics business units. But what is the reason behind this trend? Well, it is certainly due to the benefits that effective visual management provides. Here are 5 of […]
Why does sports fans glance at the scoreboard every so often when all the action is clearly on the field? The answer is obvious and very simple: the scoreboard generates and maintains interest. It provides […]
Visual Management is one of the essential tools that we make use of at our work and home lives that you may not have even noticed. But once you understand what visual management exactly is […]
Visual management is an essential management technique to ensure a lean management system. Visual management uses visual clues like colors, pictures, symbols to clearly express the desired information within the workplace which is available at […]
The basic concept of a visual workplace is putting up graphical and illustrative detailing of progress, process or department workflow. According to studies, the visual representation helps employees to understand, retain and reciprocate information more […]
Technological Revamp in past 10 years We all know that there is great revolution in technology in past 10 years and it will continue for next 10-15 years. Many of us have experienced a mode […]