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Visual Management at any Workplace is basically conveying your valuable information & expectation visually through a display in a easy way so that no interruptions are caused by any employee or visitor to understand it.

Visualmitra Unique Survey Methodology

Visual Management Experts will visit your Workplace with a aim of finding improvements in key parameters like Safety, Quality, Productivity & many more areas where visual management can be effectively implemented. Survey is done in such a way that legal requirements are met as per the company’s policy. You can go through this Visual Management Service to know more about our Methodology

Aim of the Visual Management Expert

Visual Management expert will mainly aim for maintaining a good Health & Safety Management System, Enhance Department Performance along with having Good Ambiance. Very specific requirements like having Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions etc. will be understood and managed by the expert effectively. His expertise will help the organization in achieving leadership and commitment in boosting department performance along with health & safety management.

An effective Visual Management Survey will impress the Auditors and Visitors about the organizations systematic visual arrangements and what important role they play in managing people’s safety. This would result in growth of company’s reputation in the market and would also gain trust in building customer relationship.

What Does a Visual Management Survey includes?

This is the foremost a basic question asked everywhere. Visual Management at any Workplace includes Visual tools like Safety Signage’s, Safety Posters, Safety Informative Charts, Area Identification Boards, Informative Boards, Compliance Boards, Value Added Products like Floor Tapes, Floor Markings etc.

Our Visual Management Expert would decide what visual tools can be used, where it can be used, what colour codes are specified for each display, what actual sizes are required for the particular area and what material is to be used as per the working condition.

Benefits of Effective Visual Management Survey
  • Improved Performance on Safety, Quality & Productivity.
  • Increased Worker Involvement by improving overall Workforce Morale.
  • Visually Increase in Knowledge Transfer, Ability & Skill in doing Work.
  • Ease in Understanding & Communication.
  • Effectively meets International Labor Organization (ILO) Visual Requirements.
  • Increase in Company’s Reputation.
  • Build Public Relation

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