Factory Visual Management Project (FVM)

Visual factory is an approach to lean manufacturing processes based on visual information throughout the workplace. A visual factory consists of communication tools i.e. Display boards, safety posters, safety signs to share information at the time and place it is needed.

Every factory has a goal to have complete control over its key parameters like production, quality & safety which would help it to be a leader in its particular manufacturing field. However for attaining this leading position it is difficult. A visual management within a manufacturing plant environment focuses on increased production efficiency and cost reduction. It helps in better performance in industry parameters such as safety, quality & productivity. The effective displays based on International techniques including 5S, TQM, TPM, Lean, Kanban, Kaizen, Pokayoke, Gemba, 6 Sigma create an awareness to achieve operational excellence.

By focusing on visual management, standardization, and observation tools, companies can effectively eradicate unnecessary processes and bring the highest possible value to their customers. The services have been offered to various industrial sectors including automotive, construction, chemical, pharma, oil & gas, plastic, rubber and also to service industries.

Visual Management is a technique which would help to imbibe & sustain the implemented techniques in factories at all level of employees i.e. from helpers to the upper management. We at Visualmitra propose Factory Visual Management Projects to the factories wherein we turn a factory into a visual factory by installing our products and implementing our services which would help in overall benefits of the factory.

Visual Factory is always appreciated by all the interested parties which includes all the workers, staff, management and the visitors who could be key future customers; as it not only helps to improve the quality, productivity & safety but also helps in improving the overall ambience of the factory.

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How it works?

Visit / Survey

Our Visual Management Expert visits the factory with an aim of finding the scope for improvements and major issues that could be addressed effectively through visual management. Complete area is thoroughly surveyed with the sole purpose of identifying where, which and how our Visual Management tools can be installed effectively by our professionals. Information like the factory work processes, area/department identification, performance evaluation and monitoring and what employees and management needs an improvement upon are considered. The main motto of the survey is to clear the bottlenecks at the factory processes. This is done by identifying the various issues and prompt noting while survey.

Report Submission

Once the survey is done, all the professional details are passed on to our expert team at our creation center. As per the data input fed by our surveyor, Visual management project report, a well documented report is generated which includes the number of boards needed, types of boards, material of boards, dimensions of the boards, charges, print material and finishing required which is described and then it is forwarded to the client for approval.

Plan and Design

Once the details in the report are approved, the project is then assigned to our dynamic design and production team wherein all our key expertise are utilized in the making of the products needed to fulfill and exceed our customer’s requirements.


The ultimate step includes installment of our professionally designed products & services   like area identity boards, signs & signages, policies & instructions, display posters, compliance boards, informative boards, company/department name boards, tags and labels, good practices products, etc. at the factory that would serve them to get them closer to their goals and targets.

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