Warehouse Visual Management Project (WVM)

Warehouse management project is implemented solely with visual displays to achieve the desired goals. Safety posters, Instructions and signs can be used to help organize the warehouse storage system and provide essential information, while floor marking can be used to designate where tools, equipment, and supplies should be placed.

Warehouses aim to store maximum inventory with perfect material handling and storage. For this to happen there needs to be effective communication, information transfer, material handling, well defined areas, etc. All the aforementioned things when done ideally would help the warehouses to grow, but this things needs to be addressed in a more professional way in order to sustain them forever and also to implement things at the grass root levels.

Visual Management will definitely play a major role in bringing in more clarity and transparency in information flow. We at Visualmitra propose Warehouse Visual Management Projects where we help to create a Visual Warehouse that would help in overall gains by implementing our services and products which would bring in more awareness regarding material storage, safety, well defined areas and clear information at employees disposal.

New staff understands the operations more quickly, and a sick or absent team member with individual knowledge doesn’t bring everything to a grinding halt; delays are the biggest operational mishap that can affect a warehouse management.

Visual control is one of the most popular concepts being implemented in warehousing industry today. Like any other lean tool, it needs to be part of a system to work properly. This results in less time running up and down the chain of command, less confusion about procedures, and reduction in time- and cost-wastage “workarounds” for broken or outdated links in the workflow chain.

Visual Warehouses would also support Japanese techniques like 5s, Kaizen, Kanban, etc. which improves the quality, productivity and safety parameters and help in the cause for sustaining those practices forever and also it makes the ambience of the warehouses better, thereby, impressing the key interested parties.

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How it works?

Visit / Survey

Our Visual Management Expert would visit the warehouse with an intended purpose of studying the complete area and finding out key areas including Inventory control, material identification, storage, handling, waste management etc. After identifying the operational regions and getting a clear idea of the warehouse, our specialist surveyor would be better equipped to make a note of key areas for continuous scope of improvement which can be brought through implementation of our Visual Management tools.

Report Submission

After the completion of survey, all the technical details as noted by our surveyor are forwarded to our expert professionals at the back end where a report is made based on the survey. The data in the report includes the place or zone or area wherein and how much of our products would be needed and also accounting the size, printing quality, material quality and costs associated would be conveyed through the report.

Plan and Design

After providing the detailed report, and the moment we get the go ahead from the customer or client we start working with our creative design and efficient production teams in order to provide the best in class products to our customer and thereby exceeding their expectations.


The final step is the installation of efficiently designed products and services at the warehouses like visual displays, safety posters, labels and signs, floor markings to aid in keeping track of tools, equipments and material handling, etc. Thus, providing the highest possible value to our customer.

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