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What all we cover in Visual Management Projects

Area identification boards

To implement effective workplace management, area identification boards give guidelines on designated places for material storage, tool storage and other places at the work premises. It also offers better presentation to company’s customers and visitors. Great ambience at the working environment consistently advances better quality and efficiency.

Safety Signs

Safety is a mindset. Safety signs help create a high level of safety consciousness in the workplace. It provides guidelines when handling hazardous and dangerous objects or chemicals in the workplace. This way it promotes safety culture in any workplace. The basic intention of displaying Safety Signs is to limit injuries and make sure that staff members and visitors are well aware of the possible dangers and hazards ahead in certain situations and/or environments.

Policies, Work Instructions & SOPs

Policies and Instruction boards are designed to communicate all major decisions and actions to the concerned individuals. Instructions are the specific methods set for the employees to adhere to the policies in day-to-day operations.

Display posters

One display is worth million words. Display poster is a best medium to communicate a message and reach a large number of people without speaking to each individual person on a daily basis. Effective posters convey messages with respect to quality, safety, productivity, discipline which enhances the feel of responsibility & accountability.

Compliance boards

Compliance boards for a factory or a plant includes Emergency evacuation plan, Environment boards and emergency contact numbers. The evacuation plan helps employees and visitors to vacate the premises without creating a panic. Environment boards mentions information related to waste generated by organizations and the regulatory standard of the same. Emergency contact number boards displays the important contact numbers in case of any kind of emergencies.

Informative boards

An informative board is a board used for the posting messages in order to monitor and control the business processes. The effective performance white board is a silent mentor for prompt actions and improvement

Knowledge hub / Galleries

It a place or a gallery where the information is conveyed to all concerned to avoid the delay in actions. The knowledge hub also offers training on related topics for better awareness on achievement of goals.

Title boards

The facility name boards or project title boards create a pride amongst the team members. It is experienced that it helps branding and also inculcating good culture at the facility.

Good practices Products

Visualmitra through its management expertise recommends good practices products to its clients. These products are mainly to focus on industry good practices for better performance and achievement of goals.

Tags and Labels

Most of the times people use the terms label, tag, and sticker to mean the same thing. Tags are labels without adhesive. They’re attached by other means, such as tying or hanging. Sometimes an adhesive just won’t work for a specific application.