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Visual Management is nothing but Visual Controls that every facility should have to convey needed information on company’s expectations, performance, standards and other parameters. The information can be displayed by means of colors, pictures, minimum text etc.

Also, a human brain processes visual information 60,000 times better, faster then audio and written information.

What Visualmitra llp does in Visual Management?

Visualmitra is the only leading management experts in India who undertake Visual Management Projects where effective visual management survey is carried out with an aim to upgrade performance on Safety, Quality, Productivity.

A Scientific and Professional approach in overall project execution has made hundreds of satisfied clients experiencing Enhancement in Overall Business Performance.

To know more about the types of Unique Visual Management Services, please go through the site – https://www.visualmitra.com/services/

Facility’s Lean Transformation

In any Facility, a simplified visual environment identifies abnormalities like poor communication, less performance, poor understanding of work, difficulties in finishing work on time etc. in the value stream, thus enabling deeper employee engagement.

In every lean organization, managing business performance is mainly focused on managing different processes effectively and a effective visual management can make your organization visually compliant for better results in different area of operations and also being compliant to requirements based on ISO Standards/International Labor Organization (ILO).

Visual Management is considered to be the most important element or a top priority element to form a Lean Management System as it contributes to the overall cultural transformation of the the organization.

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