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Why Visual Management?

  • Human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than audio and written information.
  • 65% of the population are visual learners. Visual displays can convey messages faster and gain more interest than written information.
  • Visual management is a communication media by means of colors, pictures and minimum text. Visual management is implemented to drive problem-solving and focused improvement.

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Visual Management Projects

Visualmitra has developed a Unique methodology to create inspiring cultures by means of effective visual management.

The correct and effective displays create a mistake-proof environment to promote effortless adherence to the standards. It quantifies the path to targets for success.

This project covers various aspects of visual management including identification boards, safety signs, policies & instructions, display posters, compliance boards, informative boards, evacuation plans etc.

The scientific & professional approach in project execution has made hundreds of satisfied clients experiencing the cultural upgrade for better business performance.

Factory Visual Management Project (FVM)

Visual factory is an approach to lean manufacturing processes based on visual information throughout the workplace.

Warehouse Visual Management Project (WVM)

Warehouse management project is implemented solely with visual displays to achieve the desired goals.

Corporate Office Visual Management Project (OVM)

The corporate work culture expects extreme level of performance monitoring, systems and compliance…

Commercial Establishment Visual Mngmt Project (CVM)

The various visual displays at any commercial space create inspiring ambience in addition to safety of visitors to the facility.

Service Sector Visual Management Project (SVM)

Visual Management in service industries including schools, colleges, hospitals and other establishments….

Residential Complex Visual Management Project (RVM)

Visual management in a society creates ambience supporting discipline, safety, security and well-being of the members….

Value Added Services

Informative Boards

Performance white boards & compliance boards visually motivate everyone in your workplace by keeping their eye on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that make your organization successful. The scoreboard includes an eye-catching KPI pyramid and production rate charts.

Posters and Signs

Visualmitra has developed wide range of posters and signs on various topics of safety, quality, productivity, motivation, International Techniques. These displays are effective and can be customized according to client specific requirements client specific requirements.


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