Informative Boards

Visualmitra has designed and developed various informative boards. The main objective of these boards is to update, monitor and control the critical points for the individual process level and also at the organizational level. These boards include the information for reference and knowledge transfer for better performance by the individuals. Visualmitra offers customization services for designing of these boards specifically for your organization. In such cases, the boards are designed after consulting the details with the concerned personnel. Informtive boards are classified in 3 categories.

Types of informative Boards

Performance White Boards

Performance white boards are the simple displays of information. Visual management boards are the key communication tools in a lean environment, are intended to give you information at a glance.

Performance board is a basic tool within the visual management program to speak with your workforce about the advancement you’re making to reduce waste. This simple information board summarizes the progress of the organization’s key continuous improvement projects. Dynamically changing visuals help keep the group connected as they can see the progress being made daily, weekly and monthly and can be an active part in the journey.

At Visualmitra, we believe that every business process is different in nature and their performance boars should be tailor-made as per the flow of the processes, thus we deliver a world class service where the processes are studied at every inch and corners and the boards are designed to cover all possible parameters to maximize the efficiency of the process.

Visualmitra follows basic guidelines while designing a performance white boards

  1. Straightforward
  2. precisely focused
  3. Continually updated
  4. Not jumbled with unnecessary data
  5. Appealing enough to engage the entire group
  6. positioned near the procedure which is being measured
  7. Effectively visible to everybody who needs to know

Compliance boards

Compliance boards compliance is the certification or confirmation that the practitioner of an activity,  or the producer or provider of an item, meets the requirements of acknowledged practices, legislation, prescribed principles and guidelines, specified standards, or the terms of an agreement. It includes evacuation plans, Environment board, emergency contact numbers, waste treatment information etc.

Evacuation plan- In order to remain quiet in an emergency evacuation, it is important to make an emergency evacuation plan in advance. It helps individuals to get familiar with the structure’s layout quickly and discover the shortest and quickest route. During an emergency, an evacuation chart may save many people’s life

Environment board- Environmental Compliance means conforming to environmental laws, regulations, standards and other requirements .Environment board Track, and monitor emissions and pollutant discharges by plant, equipment, or production.

Emergency contact board- In case of a crisis, it is imperative that employees and visitors know who to call. An Emergency Phone Numbers board has security messages and important contacts for emergency response protocol and compliance. An Emergency Phone Numbers board is a useful tool to help protect the health and safety of personnel and isn’t a replacement for required protective measures for decreasing or removing hazards

Policies and Instructions

Any organization would like to have their policies and instructions as clean and clear as possible in order to have more impact on the interested parties which includes everyone visiting the premises, i.e., from support staff to the top management.

Most of the organizations do not have people designated for this particular task and eventually the person who is assigned to do it fails to add the professional touch to it and hence it lacks to achieve the intended purpose.

We at Visualmitra have a team of management experts and design professionals who can make such crystal clear policies and instructions which could make an ever lasting impact on the intended entities. SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), MIAs (Manufacturing Instruction Aid), Company Vision, Company Vision, Work Instructions, Work Procedures, Quality Policy, Safety Policy, Informative Boards & Charts, First Aid Instructions, Safety Instructions, etc. are some of the most important documents which we make as per our expertise or as per the customer requirements for our customers to serve the intended purpose.

The policies and instructions developed by Visualmitra have helped many clients to eliminate or reduce the human element from the process. i.e. Developing the process driven culture rather than person driven. The skill set of individuals have been enhanced through the well drafted effective policies and procedures to develop intellectual asset of the individual business entity.

Visualmitra offers wide range of standard polices and procedures in multiple regional languages, display sizes and also in various material qualities to suit the client requirements. The design customization services are also offered as per client requirements to the ultimate level of satisfaction.