Why Visual Management is recognized as an Effective Tool for Performance Improvement??

Technological Revamp in past 10 years

We all know that there is great revolution in technology in past 10 years and it will continue for next 10-15 years. Many of us have experienced a mode of communication by sending letters through post office in 1985-1990. Later on, the speed of communication was expedited by e-mails and now whatsapp. Today it is a matter of 3 to 5 seconds to send the messages, images and documents to any part of the world. Now a days everyone is engrossed in looking at mobile screen and gathering the information which is available in abundance.

Impact of Technological Revamp on Human mind

We are now dependent on electronic media which offers information visually. We get all the information on our individual mobile phone or laptop. As a part of this impact, even human mind has started believing the data which he/she can see. We have started believing the information which we can see rather than what we here from others. It is stated that “Human brain processes Visual Memory 60,000 times faster than auditory memory”. We can review following examples to understand the impact of changing technology on our mind.

  • We like to see the cricket match score on mobile rather than hearing it on transistor which we used to do it in year 1990.
  • We like to learn through webinars rather than attending a training programme in an auditorium
  • We like to see images and graphs as a part of result analysis
  • We like to see the flight schedule indicator rather than hearing the announcement at the airport.
  • We prefer to send good images and text as a greeting to wish birthdays/anniversaries rather than calling a person and wishing him/her on occasion.

I don’t think anyone will disagree with me on above mentioned examples. All such real life examples prompt us that our brain is very much inclined towards understanding the information through visuals rather than any other mode of communication. Visual management is considered as silent yet very effective media of communication. 

The impact of the changing technology on human mind is mainly because of shortage of time and cut throat competition in every field across the globe. We strive to learn things as fast as possible to win the race or survive in this world.

Impact of Technological Revamp on Industries & Businesses??

Similar to humans, even every business house / industry is facing a tremendous level of competition as a result of globalization happened through these technological changes. In order to be leading in a race or just to survive, every company has to perform better in every department of the business. This calls for awareness at each level of operations. i.e the “Change in Mindset” is needed right from Security Guard to the CEO of the company. Companywide implementation of Visual Management supports to develop a good culture to enhance performance as a team.

Guidelines for Effective Visual Management

There are few guidelines to be followed while implementation of Visual Management at the Facility

  • Selection of appropriate visual displays. Should communicate the correct messages in shortest possible time.
  • Displays should be placed at correct location and should be legible
  • The language and size of the display should be appropriate for better effectiveness

The displays at the facility can include but not limited to Safety posters, Quality & Productivity posters, Safety signs, Work Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Informative boards, Material Identification Boards, Performance White Boards, Compliance Boards etc.

Effective displays act as a “Trainer at the place” which is available for all 24 hours and this trainer will not miss anything while communicating to the target audience.

Globalization has also helped companies/businesses from individual countries to adopt International Techniques to match to International standard performance. Many techniques such as 5S, Lean management, Kaizen, Pokayoke, Kanban, 6 Sigma, TQM, TPM, Gemba etc. are complemented by an effective visual management.

The benefits of Visual management have been availed by many companies and facilities so far and the journey will continue for next few decades. Many companies have experienced extra ordinary results through this implementation.

Visualmitra is executing Visual Management Projects at many places including industries and also the commercial establishments. Visualmitra has completed 200+ projects and the feedback from the clients is very inspiring. The main motto of this project to create an inspiring work culture which supports the overall business performance and sustainability of the company. 

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