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Visual Management Boards or Informative Boards are designed and developed by a group of experts from Visualmitra having various industry experience & knowledge. The main objective of these boards is to update, monitor performance, control critical points of important processes, display production/scheduling/dispatch plans, 5s duties, employee assignments etc. by manually writing, using magnets or by having Acrylic Pockets to store important papers for individual process.

Visualmitra also offers Customization services for Designing these boards as per organizations specific requirements along with branding (name + logo) on the board.

Why Informative Boards are Necessary?

Informative Boards

In order to improve performances, these boards will help be transparent to the overall department such that every individual associated with the process will know if his/her activity is going as per planned or not. These Visual Management Boards are widely considered to be a effect tool of communication as all information is displayed at one glance.

Such boards will not be jumbled with unnecessary data, will be precisely focused on the current process, straightforward to the working activity, will be positioned near the working procedure and appealing enough to engage the entire workforce. All these necessary tools will help the organization to measure daily, weekly, monthly output of the process.

Importance of Informative Boards

Informative Boards

Using Visual Management Boards, one can update the information manually by using a marker or using magnets on a white board to pin point the activity, display and store number of information using acrylic pockets. Informative boards are considered to be an effective tool of immediate knowledge transfer and it also helps in individual growth in terms of time management & work competency.

Transparent information manages to build a positive work culture, engages staff connection, teamwork efforts which results in a effective output. Such visual management boards monitor and guide daily work processes, therefore enhancing organization continuous improvement practices.

Types of Informative Boards

  1. Performance White Boards
  2. Compliance Boards
  3. Policies & Work Instructions

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